GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

We are working alongside a local company ( who have released an affordable subscription based tool that deals with all aspects of GDPR as well as other compliance levels such as Cyber Essentials. Gydeline does not limit the number of users you can add to use the service.  This reduces bottlenecks and allows you to allocate compliance activities across your team.

Using Gydeline will demonstrate that you have taken steps to become and remain compliant.

They also offer a fixed price for life - as long as you stay subscribed the price stays the same with only one month commitment to the subscription you can cancel at any time. The price is based on organisation size and number of compliances managed.

As a lot of GDPR regulation deals with the IT and technical side of your business we can complete those particular sections for you. We have a vast catalogue of certificated skills and specialities to ensure you have the technical measures in place to help with your compliance to GDPR and Cyber Essentials.

The beauty of Gydeline is that the relevant people in your organisation can sign in and complete or change the required areas therefore always maintaining an up to date picture of your current compliance levels.